FAQs - Lotus Tech Support & Bug Tracking System (2024)

This typically means OAuth isn't set up correctly or isn't working. Please refer to the guide for correct setup instructions(STEP 3). If you already did the steps and they were successful recheck the guide and everything you did or redo and try again.

This could also mean the the quota has been reached. The best way to confirm is to check your GDRIVE location in Tinfoil File Browser. If you dont have one please add another location and set the protocol to (gdrive) and the Title (gdrive:). If you can see your Google Drive when going into it. Then that means your OAUTH is working and most likely means the donwload quota has been reached. You will all need to wait 24 hours. The more help we get the more uninterrupted things you get

This indicates that you've accessed(Meaning you ENTERED the password) and read the note. Once the note is read it gets shredded. If this happens please request with our Helpdesk bot on the Matrix server or create a ticket on our Discord server so your PIN can be recovered.

Yes, donations are welcome but not required.

The more help we get the more the community gets without interruptions.

Click Here To Donate

Donations are not required and only if you want to. Donations help the community only (Matrix server, Discord, Maintenance etc..) . Please note that once a donation is made its non-refundable.

We found that the issue is with USB Transfer when installing the Theme. See below the options.

You can do the theme install using FTP


Pop out your SD card and plug it into your computer and install the theme.

The Theme is now automaticlly installed. Please read Step 1 in Tinfoil Guide to find out how it is done. If you do have any issues installing the theme you can do the steps above.

This is self-explanatory. One Switch per account. The switch you use to set up your account to access the shop is the one that will be linked to your account. If you reinstalled TinFoil and you are getting this error please open a request with our HelpDesk Bot on the Matrix server or open a ticket on our Discord Server.

Please check your junk folder first. Now if when you went to subscribe and the email shown to use is blahblah@pages.google.com you will not receive a note by email since this address is not valid. This is because your using a YouTube Brand Account. Please use a google account that is not a YouTube Brand Account or a Google account that is linked to one.

HIT THE + sign. Then enter what you are looking for.

Either you're entering your email wrong, you are using the @ in the email when you should be using FAQs - Lotus Tech Support & Bug Tracking System (1), and or you didn't do step 1 OR you are not using the email in STEP 1.

Please check the Tinfoil console for any errors saying unresolved. If this is the case then you need to restart your switch. Sometimes this happens and the switch needs to be restarted.

If you have an error that the connection timed out. Then also restart your switch but if it does not work please create a request with our HelpDesk Bot on our Matrix server and or with our ticketbot in Discord Server. Your IP may have been banned.

Some games may be modified for mods and or something needs to be modified to get the game to work. All of our games are tested so it safe to continue. If you don't trust it then don't install (DO NOT CREATE A REQUEST ABOUT THIS!)

If you want to install Unsigned games automatically without getting the error. Then you will need to go to the Tinfoil options go to (Install Unsigned Code) and switch it to YES. A prompt will ask if you are sure and that you need to enter a password "UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A +"

You can safely ignore this error as it does not effect anything. We confirmed this happens at times and will correctly itself. But do check if your clock is out of sync and fix it using SwitchTime.

Please create a support request with our Helpdesk bot in Matrix or create a ticket in our Discord server.

FAQs - Lotus Tech Support & Bug Tracking System (2024)


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