10 gluten free recipes you thought you'd NEVER eat again (2024)

Can you remember when you were first told you couldn’t eat gluten? Remember all the foods you thought you’d never be able to eat again? Think again!

This Coeliac Awareness Week 2018, I really want to show everyone that anything is possible when it comes to gluten free food.

That’s why I’ve thrown together a list of 10 gluten free recipes you thought you’d NEVER eat again! There’s everything from KFC to Katsu Curry.

I promise you – all of these recipes are gluten free without compromise. I’ve worked really hard to make sure that these recipes are as good as, if not better than their gluten free counterparts. So let’s get stuck in!

1. Gluten free KFC

I spent several years of my life replicating the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices and I think I’ve finally got it bang on.

This isn’t just ‘some southern fried chicken recipe’, this recipe was made to taste exactly like KFC – and that it does!

This one is naturally dairy free and low FODMAP too. Eating out of a bucket is entirely optional.

Click here to check out my gluten free KFC recipe.

2. Gluten free lemon meringue pie

When do we ever get the chance to eat a massive slice of lemon meringue pie with humongous light and fluffy meringue peaks? Never!

Forget the faff of making gluten free pastry too. This one has a generous amount of gluten free biscuit base instead and trust me – it’s the gluten free dessert of your dreams!

Don’t settle for ‘the best you can find’ at the supermarket. Settle for the best!

Click here to check out my gluten free lemon meringue pie recipe.

3. Gluten free fish and chips

If you’ve ever wanted to make gluten free fish and chips exactly like how they do at the fish and chip shop, then look no further.

The batter is incredibly light, airy and crispy thanks to gluten free beer. This is yet another dish where removing the gluten makes absolutely no difference.

If your local chippie doesn’t have a dedicated gluten free fryer yet, then here’s all your problems solved.

Click here to check out my gluten free fish and chips recipe.

4. Gluten free sweet and sour chicken cantonese style

When my boyfriend made this for me, I hadn’t eaten anything from the Chinese takeaway in years.

This has been a recipe in his family for years and by simply replacing the flour in the batter… it’s suddenly gluten free without compromise.

It tastes exactly like what you’d order from your local Chinese takeaway, but now you can get the satisfaction of making it yourself!

Click here to check out my gluten free sweet and sour recipe.

5. Gluten free ‘Oreo’ cheesecake

If you head down the free from aisle, you’ll find the gluten free counterparts of all your fave biscuits – including Oreos.

I used Schar’s chocolate O’s for this and it worked an absolute treat!

It’s the cheesecake that every gluten free person dreams of – creamy, indulgent and soooo delicious. It’s about time you made that dream a reality!

Click here to check out my ‘Oreo’ cheesecake recipe.

6. Gluten free Yorkshire Puddings

I never thought I’d eat a good Yorkshire pudding ever again. I’m talking about the type of Yorkshire puddings you’d get served in a pub with your roast – massive, light, golden and crispy!

Fortunately, I nailed the recipe by using corn flour which is naturally gluten free.

They rise like mad and create the perfect, crispy Yorkshires, every time!

Click here to check out my gluten free Yorkshire Pudding recipe.

7. Gluten free Ferrero Rocher

If you were holding your breath for Ferrero Rocher to make a gluten free version, I’ll save you the inconvenience of running out of air right now.

Here’s my gluten free (and dairy free) Ferrero Rocher recipe!

These are so simple to make and you don’t even need to bake them or anything. It’s just a matter of melting and refreezing chocolate.

As long as you can find some gluten free ice cream wafers, then you’re good to go. And trust me, they’re sososo worth it!

Click here to check out my gluten free Ferrero Rocher recipe.

8. Gluten free Party Rings

As I said earlier, we seem to be lucky enough to have a gluten free counterpart of nearly every biscuit going… but not the flamboyant Party Ring! Why not?!

It’s a shame really, but my gluten free Party Rings will more than cure your Party Rings craving. Plus, they’re like three times the size, which always helps!

Click here to check out my gluten free Party Rings recipe.

9. Gluten free Toad in the Hole

Gosh, I look at this photo and wonder how this could possibly be gluten free. But like I said, all of these recipes are 100% gluten free – no compromise!

It’s light and airy with four succulent sausages hiding in the middle.

Perfect with tons of gluten free gravy!

Click here to check out my gluten free toad in the hole recipe.

10. Gluten free Katsu Curry

This was my absolute fave dish at Wagamama back in the day, but after going gluten free, I had dreams about gluten free Katsu curry every night because I missed it so much!

So the very next day, I woke up and made this.

It was actually so simple and of course – it tastes exactly the same, if not better than what you’d get in Wagamama.

Click here to check out my gluten free Katsu curry recipe.

Thanks for reading about the 10 gluten free recipes you thought you’d NEVER eat again!If you make them, I’d love to see how they turn out. So absolutely make sure that you send me a pic using my social media links below…

Any questions about the recipe? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

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Gluten-Free Recipe

10 gluten free recipes you thought you'd NEVER eat again (2024)


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